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Turning Ideas into Reality

 Linking people with 3D designers for

3D Printed, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality designs

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How it Works

2D to 3D in 123



Post Project

Describe your idea with text, sketches and photos. Then decide on the project budget.


Accept Bid

Select your preferred Designer and their offer.

Download/Print Model

Download your idea digitally as a 3D Model or get it 3D Printed.


Choose Project

Browse all the available projects, choose the ones that you can complete and then place your bids.

Upload finished design files

Upload the design file in .STL format

Get paid

When both parties are happy, get paid for your work with an incredibly low commission fee.


Secure Payment

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Low Commission Fees


3D Focused


As a creative designer and producer, it’s great to be able to outsource work, where the results will be exactly as required. The system is simple and straight forward to use, from uploading a basic character design, to finding talented designers to 3D model the work to the correct specifications. Communication is key to freelance projects working smoothly, having that one-to-one contact available here, and allowed the workflow and timeline to move as precisely as needed. This service is perfect for designers and modellers to collaborate and produce great work, at a professional industry standard.

Chermagne Barnachea


A great experience, everything was kept very professional. It allowed me to show off my skillset and work towards a client deadline, understanding freelance work before I had even graduated. The opportunity to gain some extra pay for something I did regularly was very much appreciated. I would certainly use this service again.

Maxim Zazulak

CADPAD Designer

The Team

  • Patrick Lawrence
    Patrick Lawrence
  • Mason Rowbottom
    Mason Rowbottom
  • Alex Masmejean
    Alex Masmejean
  • Klaudia Cios
    Klaudia Cios
    Senior Graphic Designer
Patrick Lawrence

As Managing Director of a Digital Media company, PatrickRichardMedia, Patrick Lawrence has experience setting up companies and managing teams. Patrick specialises in videography, photography, audio production and graphic design.

BSc (Hons) Sound and Video Technology

University of Salford

Mason Rowbottom

Mason Rowbottom has a vast amount of experience within the Additive Manufacturing Industry and 3D Modelling Industry. He was involved in starting up the award winning Huddersfield 3D Printing Society and Co-Founded the National 3D Printing Society.

BEng Mechanical Engineering

University of Huddersfield


Alex Masmejean

Alex graduated last summer from the University of Manchester where he worked closely with the Manchester Entrepreneurs. He acquired a lot of theoretical knowledge and grasped the entrepreneurial spirit. He is now focusing on Artificial Intelligence and keeping an eye on Blockchain Technology.

BSc IT Management for Business

University of Manchester

Klaudia Cios
Senior Graphic Designer

Klaudia Cios has been with the CADPAD team from the very beginning, designing and creating the companies design portfolio. Klaudia specialises in branding, editorial design and illustration, for both digital and print. She also has experience with photography, motion graphics and video.

BA Graphic Design

University of Huddersfield

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